Sunday, December 19, 2010

Recently purchased mascara.

I've forever been in search of a mascara that LENGTHENS my lashes. I've tried many drugstore and department store mascaras but haven't found one I LOVE yet. I recently bought MAC Fibre Rich lash in All Black, d.j.v. Beautinizer Fiberwig LX in Pure Black, and Yves Saint Laurent volume effect faux cils in Noir Radical.

After a week of testing out each one, here is what they did for me:

Beautifully volumizing, fairly lengthens, buildable, amazingly priced.

SUPER DUPER Lengthens (yes that "super duper" was necessary), conditions, separates, fairly priced, Easy to remove (warm water), full of fibers that "attach" to lash tips to lenghten lashes while looking natural (without looking spidery). Pretty much a primer and mascara all in one, worth it! <3

Volumizing/defining, conditions, a bit heavy (creamy), fairly lengthens, smells great!, PRICEY. :/

What else can I say, I'm not comparing the brushes more the product...ha. I don't really look for "curl" power since I curl my lashes with a lash curler before hand. None of these smudged on me and I used them for everyday tasks (mainly while at work).

So over all I would definitely recommend DJV for lengthening your lashes beyond what you've ever hoped for in a mascara (no need for primers!). When I apply this mascara I concentrate only on the tips of my lashes since that is where I like those little fibres to stick (and lengthen!), then I use the YSL at the base to darken the roots/base of my lashes and make them look thicker/volumized. :) Try it!!!

*If I get access to a camera soon I will definitely post up pictures to compare the three. :P *

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