Friday, October 1, 2010

Konad Try-outs

Hey there! I know it's been a while since my last post but I finally got access to a I decided that my second post would either be make-up or here are my wee little NOTD! This was my first time using konad image plates, so it didn't come out as I had hoped *I suck at placement of the stamp! haha. Also, the outcome was different in my head, but whatcha gonna do!* ;P
I used 1 coat of Nail Tek foundation II as a base, OPI's Mod About You (2 coats), Wet n Wild in Black Creme, and one coat of Seche Vite's dry fast top coat (Any one know of a good no-chip top coat? after like the 2nd-3rd day my nails start chipping, is that normal?) For stamping I used the little flower design on m71 and for the bows, m56:

Barbie necklace by Tarina Tarantino. Love it!:

As you can see, I also failed at picking up the stamp off the plate for a good clear image...this was the first hand I did! I hated the fact that my left hand always comes out better when it comes to base color application *evenness*, but I had to mess up the design! ^0^ *whyyyyy???!!!!*
Oh well, I suppose I just need time/practice...Here's this:

So what helped me to do it better the second time was this video by the lovely Asami:

Very informative/useful video for me.
Check out her blog for some inspiring nail art:

I'm glad I came across it, because at first I though "Oh no, I actually NEED the konad special polishes! Now to wait another week for my order...grrrr". Thanks Youtube! :D

So what was YOUR first experience like with Konad image plates?

Thanks for looking!

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  1. That's looking so good for a first experience! My first time looked horrible! All the stamps were crooked!