Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Review: Clean & Clear V.S. Neutrogena

First post! Better late than never I suppose...I will be reviewing the Clean & Clear® Blackhead eraser™ V.S. the Neutrogena Wave Shine-free blemish free pads *refill pack*. (I only used these products on my nose because I was looking to eliminate my blackheads, and that's mainly where i have them.) So for Neutrogena I didn't actually use the machine *"The Wave™ Power-Cleanser" as they call it* because I didn't feel like it would make a difference to the performance of the product itself, my hands are good enough for me! I first bought the Clean & Clear blackhead eraser *which comes with both a pack of 20 refill pads an small battery powered vibrating "cleansing/exfoliating" device*. After one use with that machine I realized it didn't get into the small areas around my nose, so that's why I decided not to get the Neutrogena one. I then bought the Neutrogena pads and tried them out the next week. Verdict: the Neutrogena pads left my nose much more "cleaner" looking than the Clean & clear pads. Although the Neutrogena pads seemed a wee bit rougher to the touch I felt they left visibly less blackheads that the Clean & Clear pads.

-Both brad pads are the same size so can be used with either machine! *Maybe one device is easier to handle/hold than the other?*
-Both are used the same way *hold/pass under running water to "activate" foaming pad for use*
-Main ingredient for both of these products was: Salcylic Acid (1%).(acne treatment/medication)
-Neutrogena claims to eliminate oil and clear blackheads
-Clean & Clear claims to remove dirt and oil/reduce the number of blackheads
-Both have their own soapy smell *which isn't unbearable*
-Neutrogena says it's gentle enough for daily use
-Clean & Clear is recommended for use only 3-4x a week

By the above statements I realize they both did what their packaging claims to do *Neutrogena practically eliminated my blackheads while Clean & Clear reduced my number of blackheads*

Neutrogena has different pads like the deep clean foaming pads (I think these are the pads their machine comes with) or the gentle exfoliating pads, I'm not sure if Clean & Clear has their own variety. Also, I heard Neutrogena has a similar machine with TWO speeds*The Wave Sonic duo (one for gentle daily cleansing and the other for deep pore cleansing). I haven't tried any of these, so if you have/have had a more successful experience with any of these or other products please feel free to enlighten me! ;)

I wish I had pictures for the results but my camera is experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment. I won't get into the prices of these because they vary from store to store, so depending on where you shop. You might be able to get a coupon for these babies, just google it! hehe. I have no idea how long ago these came out but I recently decided to try them. Hope this helped someone!